May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Order has not been restored, although Indie and I have become much closer. Last night we filmed ourselves dancing about the room, wearing two of his great wooden African masks – I shall try and upload them, for it is very funny. I am glad we have become close, although it is a little like the blind leading the blind also. We are both so in thrall to the intoxicants, the drink, the smoking. I try as hard as much as I can to abstain from these things around him, as he is trying to be in recovery. Now, his eyes are becoming alight and curious again, like an animal once abused who has finally found a safe home.The thought of his lost love causes him great pains, and we have spent many nights talking until the birds begin to sing about the mysteries of love.

Jette is having a little fashion show at an alternative club tonight, it is a wild place, and there are many painters including myself who exhibit there and perform poetry and things on certain nights. The barman is gruff and sulky, a great bearlike man who I do not think really likes any humans; but the people who run the evenings for bohemians are most easy to get on with. Phi in particular is smiling always, he has a great shock of hair and is wearing thin bright purple jeans all the time. Mattias is in tweed nearly always, a pipe or french cigarettes upon him, and the smoke curls out from under the rim of his trilby, as though his face is formless and demonic in the half light of the bar. He wears his straw yellow hair as though it were a second hat, and has a curious monotone way of speech as though his tongue were of lead.


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