This Diary.

Hello, my name is Cairo Kovalski, and this blog is full of extracts of my diary. I am a painter and a poet, and at the beginning of this story I lived in a little house in Britain with three other artists, we were a strange community, and we had our many troubles and dramatics as well as our happy days. I am here trying to let you see what it is like to be an artist who is struggling, but who is also appreciating the many delicate threads and mysteries of life, and living and experiencing wonderful and terrible things in these short years.


§ 3 Responses to This Diary.

  • Heidi says:

    I am not prying, but trying to get a whole picture of your situation–male or female? I’m interested in how you express yourself. I didn’t want to keep guessing.

    • Kovalski says:

      First thing, thank you for coming to my little story and taking the time to say hello. It is very good to think that somebody is reading and liking my words.

      Second thing, aha! I have always believed that writing and art is away from the biology, so I am never telling anyone, and in truth I do not think of myself as either the male or the female! I always feel that I am somewhere in between. Perhaps the importance of gender things and the biologic sex is different for you, but I cannot know.

      Sorry that I must keep myself in the dark on this. I hope you do not mind so much.

  • Heidi says:

    Great!!! That’s how I’ll see you, in my mind then. I just watched Becoming Chaz (Sonny and Chere’s Chastity)and was greatly enlightened. Thanks for letting me know. I respect that. You’re not saying your Trans, but not emphasizing the gender thing. I’m going to be 60 and it’s a challenge to keep up with reality. I do have many friends who are lesbians and I’m friends with some gay guys, but still learning… It’s one thing I really like about AA, the inclusiveness, yet holding up the belief in our spiritual side. Thank you for putting it to rest for me, and maybe others who aren’t so blunt.

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